I am a creative writer located in Orange County. My writing journey began at a very early age writing plays to produce for my family. By the age of twelve, I started my very own theatre company with my friends. I wrote the content for our short, two-play season. We charged ten cents a person. By the age of thirteen, I had adapted my first book into a play: Little Women

After this auspicious beginning, I decided that I needed to pick a real "career." I attended the school of hard knocks and did everything from working as a cosmetologist, to becoming a lifeguard and swim instructor, to working with special needs, to finally working as a high level administrator. I also attended a real university, where I learned a very hard lesson (a lesson that many of my Generation Y peers have learned) about over-priced higher education. Through all of this, the one thing I kept returning to was writing. I even wrote two, full-length screenplays during this time.

After a particularly difficult experience, I came to the realization that I wanted to put all of my focus and energy into the one thing that I was drawn to over and over again: creative writing. I have organized my life in a way to set me up for success in this arena. In less than a year, I have written a children's story and two, full-length novels. I am currently in the process of re-writing these novels.  

To get a sense of my writing style, please read my blog post Iceland: Bitterness and Beauty. Please note: in the interest of posting quality, rather than quantity, my blog posts may be few and far between.

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